Thigh-High Stripes–Getting Ready

The next pair of socks in Sock Knitting Master Class is Deb Newton’s Thigh-High Stripes, which were given cover status. And for good reason–this is an impressive pair of socks.

But, I’ve concluded that I will never wear such long socks, nor am I willing to knit for anyone as a gift. Instead, I’m going to modify the pattern for a pair of striped socks in normal length. This means I won’t have enough stitches to do the large snowflake pattern, which, between you and me, is a relief.

I happen to have the Classic Elite Alpaca Sox yarn (60% alpaca, 20% merino, 20% nylon; 450 yd [411 m]/100 g) leftover from Deb’s pair, so my abbreviated pair will still look a lot like the original. The originals weigh 170 grams. I weighed the leftover balls and figured out how much of each color was used:
turquoise: 20 g (90 yd)
brown: 71 g (319 yd)
orange: 19 g (86 yd)
gold: 26 g (117 yd)
green: 17 g (77 yd)
purple: 19 g (86 yd)
rose: 21 g (95 yd)
The numbers here add up to 193 g, but that’s probably because Deb used some yarn in swatching.
I’ll weigh the balls again when I’ve finished my short version and will let you know how much yarn they take, too.

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