Almondine Revisited

As you know, when I knitted Anne Hanson’s Almondine socks from Sock Knitting Master Class, I ran out of yarn (see Almondine–A Complete Pair, posted August 24). I fear that some of you will think that Kollage Sockaliscious doesn’t have enough yardage for a standard pair of socks. The socks that I originally knitted were the third size given in the book. It turns out that these are even a bit big for my chunky feet.
To prove that there is plenty of yarn in Sockaliscious, I just finished another pair according to the directions for the second size. They took 91 grams of yarn–the leftover is shown below. Erica at Kollage was kind enough to send me a skein for this, so I’m going to return the favor and send the socks to her. I hope they fit!

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