Happy-Go-Lucky Boot Socks

Last night I started Veronik Avery’s Happy-Go-Lucky Boot Socks (page 60 of Sock Knitting Master Class).

These slouchy socks are knitted in sportweight yarn and are therefore a bit heavier than most of the socks in the book. But they will be comfortable with Birkenstocks or Danskos in addition to boots.
I chose three colors of Louet Gems Sportweight yarn that I have left over from Getting Started Knitting Socks–Aqua (A), Terra Cotta (B), and Ginger (C). The instructions call for 150 yd of each color. I estimate that I’ve got between 160 and 224 yards of each color so I’m confident that I’ll have enough.
Although Veronik used size 2 (2.75 mm) needles for the socks in the book, I’m such a tight knitter, I get the correct gauge with size 4 (3.5 mm) needles. (And yes, I do knit all my sock swatches in the round because that’s the way that I knit socks.)

For these socks, I’ll use the of Blackthorn double-point needles that I bought at Sock Summit. Actually, I was so taken by them that I bought an entire set of U.S. sizes 0000 to 4. These needles are made of carbon fiber, which, according to the website, is the same material used in the Boeing 787 Dreamlier and the Blackbird Stealth Jet as well as sporting good that demand strength in a lightweight material. You might have noticed them in the photo I took of all my Sock Summit loot in my August 7 blog post.

The size 4s are missing from this photo because I’ve got them in the sock cuff. These needles have short but sharp points and make the most wonderful scratchy sound when the rub against one another–much like pencil on paper.

2 thoughts on “Happy-Go-Lucky Boot Socks”

  1. Ok, I was sold on the needles until you described them as sound like pencils on paper, which is one of the few sounds on the planet that absolutely drives me up the wall.

    My poor kindergardener had to do all her homework in pen or marker last school year because I just couldn’t bear the sound…

    ANYHOO, I love the colors you’ve picked for your socks! Looking forward to seeing these knitted up too.

    I’m kind of lusting after a pair of almondines now that you’ve finished yours.

  2. Blackthorn or Signature? Do you have a marked preference? I’m needing to go down to Size 000 for some yarns to make anywhere close to gauge (apparently I am a very loose knitter). I am currently using a #00 metal HiyHiya DP’s, and they just feel so slippery that the knitting is just not fun. Can the $45 a set be justified? I’m looking for the dullness and stickiness that I find with bamboo and wood.

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