French Market Socks–A Complete Pair

At last!
I finished both French Market Socks and, as usual, the second was easier than the first. My tension improved too. The first sock is on the right, the second is on the left. Even the heel looks more normal.
You can see other knitter’s progress at Budd’s Buds group on or on the Sock Knitting Master Class forum at KnittingDaily.

Next up: Anne Hanson’s Almondine. I look forward to the simple lace pattern.

6 thoughts on “French Market Socks–A Complete Pair”

  1. Your socks are beautiful!

    You had inspired my mom, our best friend, and me… We decided to do the same thing- knit all the way through the book. I am ashamed to admit that while we powered through the Asymetrical Cables, we have sadly admitted defeat with the French Market Socks. I got a couple of inches down the leg (LOVE the braid at the cuff, btw) and realized that I was NOT enjoying the knitting… It is beautiful, loved my colors, no doubt would have loved the FO, but the knitting was tense and NOT fun….

    When I admitted that to my mom, she was completely relieved! She had felt the same way and didn’t want to be the whimp!

    We have decided to modify our goal and knit MANY of the socks in the book… On to the Almondine!!

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