Taking a Spinning Break

Because KnittingDaily is posting my comments about knitting my way through Sock Knitting Master Class (it’s one of the forums), I’ve been asked to slow down until people have a chance to get the book and search their stashes for yarn. I never expected people to actually join me in this crazy venture, but I’m delighted to see that it has drawn some attention. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a whole group of us knit every pair of socks in the book?!
To keep my fingers busy while I take a break, I’ve started spinning some of the alpaca fleece I bought from Stargazer Ranch Alpacas a couple of weeks ago. (Every morning I log onto their website to watch the live cams of the mothers and babies.) So far, I’ve spun half of the “barn blend” I bought and I love it! (I apologize for the blurry photo–I must have been shaking in my excitement.)

I don’t know how much I’ll end up with yet so I’m not sure if I will ply it on itself or with some luscious wool/silk blend (I’m thinking Jaggerspun Zephyr). This has the makings of a gorgeous scarf or shawl.

4 thoughts on “Taking a Spinning Break”

  1. Oh, I’m so glad that you’re taking a break :). I just received my book yesterday and started right away on the sock knitting last night. Can’t wait to go through the journey with you!

  2. I received your book today. I watched the DVD from start to finish. I really the book and the DVD. I thought you did a wonderful job. Thank you.

  3. Oh, good! By the time I saw you were doing this and ordered the book I figured I was hopelessly behind. The book came today and I’ll dig for yarns tomorrow. Am really looking forward to this. Enjoy your break, Ann. Relax…. Spin…. Don’t rush back until I can get my first sock done….

  4. Just got the book – and I am an avid sock knitter looking to get some “mad skills”. I previewed the book and watched the video from start to finish. Bravo and well done – looking forward to choosing a pattern and getting started! SHall I join you in your challenge to knit every pair in the book? hmmmm… I may have to quit my job.

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