Asymmetrical Cales–Both Socks

I finished the second Asymmetrical Cables sock from Sock Knitting Master Class! As usual, the second sock of a pair was easier for me because I’d already found the stumbling spots. I was careful to make these socks fit me (I added 4 stitches to the cast-on to make them 1/2-inch bigger than the middle size. Read my previous posts (July 1, 6, and 8) for all the adjustments and tips I discovered along the way.

Next up are Nancy Bush’s French Market Socks. I think I’ll use the gold, burgundy, and raspberry Dye Dreams Luster Socks yarn that I have in my stash. (Sadly, Dye Dreams closed last year and this yarn is no longer available.) This tightly spun, semi-solid 3-ply yarn is quite different than the softly spun heathered 2-ply that Nancy used in the original so I expect that my version will look quite different.
I’ll keep you posted.

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