Asymmetrical Cables–First Sock Completed

I finished the first Asymmetrical Cables sock and I love it! What you can’t see in the photo is how the left cable panel travels across the top of the foot and that the other side of the leg is all stockinette stitch. But because the other sock is a mirror image, you’ll be able to see both sides at once when I finish the second sock and take a photo of the two together.
Here are my notes and changes for the lower leg, heel, and toe.
  • Because I added 4 stitches to the original cast-on for the middle size, I modified the instructions to have 37 stitches between the the last stitch of the one cable panel and the first stitch of the other panel (the instructions called for 33 stitches in this section). 
  • At the beginning of the heel, I had 70 stitches (instead of 66). I worked the heel on 34 stitches (instead of 32), leaving 36 stitches for the instep (instead of 34).
  • This heel flap is worked a little different than most–it has the slipped stitches worked on wrong-side rows and the right-side rows simply knitted. My muscle memory wanted to do the opposite (slip every other stitch on right-side rows and purl the wrong-side rows), so I stumbled a few times when I wasn’t paying attention.
  • To make a firm join between the heel flap and foot, I picked up the gusset stitches through the back of both legs of each selvedge stitch, as demonstrated on the accompanying DVD.
  • I wanted a wider band on the wedge toe than called for in the instructions so I worked my decreases one stitch in from the end of the needles (i.e., “k1, ssk” and “k2tog, k1”) instead of at the end of each needle (“ssk” and “k2tog”).
  • The toe started to look a bit long so when I had decreased every other round to 36 stitches, I changed to decreasing every round until 16 stitches remained. Then I worked the Kitchener stitch to finish it off.

4 thoughts on “Asymmetrical Cables–First Sock Completed”

  1. Your notes are very much appreciated, since this is one of the socks I ABSOLUTELY will knit. The book is a fabulous! Congratulations on another winner.

  2. Hi Ann,

    Your socks so lovely.

    I’ve a question about the pattern. On Page 51 are the instructions for the right sock. In the travelling section are instructions for the next round and the travelling round. must i repeat these two rows every 4th row?
    Please excuse my bad english, i’am from germany.

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