Teaching Engagements

I’ve put off updating the list of workshops on my website because I’m waiting on confirmation on some. But, in the meantime, here’s a list of when and where I expect to be teaching this year.
I hope you see you there!
February 12: Rumplestiltskin Yarns, Sayville, New York
March 4 and 5: The Northern Texas Knitting Guild, Arlington, Texas
April 30: My Sister Knits, Fort Collins, Colorado
May 14: My Sister Knits, Fort Collins, Colorado
July 28–31: Sock Summit 2011, Portland, Oregon
September 16: Brown Sheep Company, Mitchell, Nebraska
November 2–6: Interweave Knitting Lab, San Mateo, California
November 17–20: Knitter’s Review Fall Retreat, Williamstown, Massachusetts

4 thoughts on “Teaching Engagements”

  1. Hey, glad to see Sock Summit on your list. I will be studing the class list, when it is posted. I did put in for a class proposal, but didn’t make the final cut for sock summit. See you, there.

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