Too Good to be True

On Friday, I got the first pages for Sock Knitting Master Class to review. This is an exciting point in book production because all of the pieces are finally assembled and it’s possible to see what the book will look like in the end. Up to this point, I’ve only seen the cover.

For “first pages”, I’m given a color printout of each spread (two pages) of the book. I always look forward to seeing how the photos, illustrations, and design elements (typeface, color, etc.) bring the text to life. Armed with a red pen, it typically takes me a full day to read over the text and check all of the images and design elements for proper placement and consistency. You’d be surprised how many typos sneak in. (You’d also be surprised at how much I tend to tweak the text.)

The last page of every Interweave book is always reserved for some sort of promotion of other Interweave Books. This has never sat well with me because it means that right off the bat, I lose a page. But I’ve come to accept it.

But this time the jokers at Interweave threw me for a loop. Instead of the typical marketing of other books, they filled this page with an image of Meryl Streep promoting my own book! I apologize for the bad photo but it’s the best I could do while giggling. Meryl’s “quote” says: “Ann Budd is the master of sock knitting. She taught me how to knit. Every knitter should own this book.”

Ah, if only.