Outside my Comfort Zone

Tomorrow (that’s Tuesday), I tape the DVD that will be packaged with Sock Knitting Master Class. Other than the time I was interviewed by a weatherman at 5am for the NYC Knit Out about 10 years ago, I’ve never spoken in front of a camera (I never watched that tape; a pidgin dropped a bundle on my shoulder later in the day, which I took to be an omen).

To be honest, I’m most comfortable working quietly behind the scenes. I do not like to be the center of attention and talking to a camera under bright lights is about as center-of-attention as you can get. But, I’m trying to be mature about the whole thing. I got my hair and nails done, took a make-up lesson, and bought a new blouse and skirt (I’m embarrassed to say that I enjoyed so much cheer this holiday season that everything I own is a bit, shall we say, snug).

Then I knitted 13 step-outs in preparation for talking about ways to knit in rounds, how to pick up stitches along heel flaps, and ways to finish the toe of socks worked from the top down and ways to bind off an elastic cuff for socks worked from the toe up. I’ll also talk about designing with cables, lace, etc., and the principles of designing for socks knitted from the top down and from the toe up.

I’m telling you all this so you’ll know that you don’t have to watch the DVD. But do, please, buy the book!

3 thoughts on “Outside my Comfort Zone”

  1. I’m guessing it will be easier than you think. It seems if one knows their subject matter well it is easy to discuss it regardless of the situation. And you know socks. lol
    Good luck!

  2. You have my sympathies; it’s never easy to be in the spotlight, but if there’s anyone I’d trust to make a sock knitting DVD interesting, it would be you. Have fun, at least some of the time!

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