Another Silver Lining

If you’ve ever worked with a publisher, you know that business revolves around page counts. This has been particularly challenging for me over the years and I’ve developed a bit of a bad reputation for always asking for additional pages in the books I write and edit.

For Sock Knitting Master Class, Interweave drew the line and told me I absolutely, positively could not go over 160 pages. So, I edited and rearranged the text and even cut a really nice sock pattern (Pseudo Slouch Socks) by Amy R. Singer of (the pattern will be made available through the Interweave website) to comply. As I was taping the DVD last week, the layout designer was working on the interior design of the book. And guess what? She determined that the book needs 184 pages. That’s 24 more pages than budgeted.

Under normal circumstances, I’d have to cut a few more projects and edit down the text to fit. But, because I have already mentioned every one of the socks and most of the techniques on the DVD, they can’t be cut. I’m giddy as I type this–the book has officially changed from 160 to 184 pages. It will still be available in July.

If I didn’t hate being in front of the camera so much, I’d say this is a foolproof way to add pages to my next book.

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