A Silver Lining

I’m happy to report that the DVD for Sock Knitting Master Class has been taped. But it’s far from done. Someone still has to edit out all my mistakes. And there are a lot of them.

As much as I’ve been dreading the whole affair, it wasn’t all bad. Interweave did a nice job of mounting images on the wall and making the set look comfortable and inviting.

Remember how I mentioned on January 5 (True Confessions) that I’d float right off the planet if Meryl Streep were to take a class from me? Someone at Interweave must have read that blog because look at the image they put on the teleprompter!

That’s her! Every time I looked up, I saw Meryl smiling at me. There were times when I had to stop to giggle (and we had to cut and start over). The best part was that when I managed to ignore everyone else, I could pretend that Meryl was mesmerized by my every word. But I’m spoiled now. If Interweave has any hope of getting me in front of a camera again, they’ll have to bring in the real thing.

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