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  1. Just 4 to go!

    Not sure if International people are included, I’m in Australia.

    I’d love to win a copy of “The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns”. My library’s sadly lacking in multi-purpose pattern book that gives basic patterns in multiple sizes and for various yarn weights.

    Can’t wait for the Sock Knitting Master Class!

    Happy holidays!

  2. Is this the right place to post for the contest? Hope so….one of your books I would like to win is ‘knitted gifts’. I’m the queen of small quick projects!…and I’m always looking for something new to make as gifts for my friends and family…..plus it’s a great way to use up stash!

  3. I would love to receive the Handy book of Sweater Patterns. This book has been on my “have to buy” list for a while.
    Love the sock book, mine is well used.

  4. OMG! Great website! You are truly a knitting inspiration!. My choice would be Best of Interweave Knits….as I already have everything else that you have published! Thanks so much for this wonderful give away!
    Andrea W.
    KnitAweigh- Ravelry

  5. Hi, I’m Andrea from Wyoming, and I would love the Knitted Gifts book. I already have three or four of your other books and use them frequently. Congratulations on the 50,000 mark!

  6. Hi! I’m new to the blog, but I like it very much so far! I have the book “Gettng Started Knitting Socks” and enjoy your work! For the contest, I would like “Color Style.” I’m getting interested in colorwork, but need a slow introduction with clear instructions. Happy holidays to you and your family!

  7. Beth from Indiana again! I think I would love the Simple Style book….seeing as I am not a ‘petite’..lol….I am more comfortable in less fussy styles.

  8. Indiana Beth again….I learned how and made my 1st pair of socks this year! What took me so long to try!?!?!? I’m addicted! Favorite Socks would help me to learn some new ways to knit socks!

  9. I’d love a copy of the Lace-style book – I LOVE lace and the myriad of patterns there are that give a different look to items ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I find I’m leaning more and more towards Simple Style of patterns and using great textured, coloured yars for effect so this book would give me superideas L)

  11. Congratulations on the big 50,000! I’m JoAnn from Arizona, and I had a really hard time picking a book from such wonderful choices. I’m going to start with Getting Started Knitting Socks, because I’ve been to one Sock Summit without having knit any socks, and can’t go to another without at least one pair off the needles! This looks like a great reference. Thanks.

  12. JoAnn from Arizona again – continuing the reference theme, The Knitterโ€™s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns would be a great reference, also. I tend to make up my own designs, which means I’m made some strange looking sweaters, and a little more method to my madness would be a good thing… Thanks!

  13. more than 50,000!
    Yay! I’m gonna try again for Color Style. I’ve been knitting for years but only ever in one color! Shame on me. Who better to show me the way….

    Lisaj @ravelry

  14. lisaj @ ravelry here again. I am always borrowing Lace Style just to look at the pictures! Maybe I should knit something from it!

  15. Now I’m feeling greedy ….Knitting Green looks great too! They all look great! How do we pick?
    Happy Holidays to you Ann.


  16. Arizona JoAnn yet again (so many great books!) — Knitted Gifts, since yet again, I’ve not planned for Christmas and am looking for inspiration to be better prepared next year!

  17. ohno! I didn’t follow the directions! I live in Mississippi! It must have been the greed monster interfering…I hope this post counts to fix it:)

  18. Congratulations on reaching 50 000!

    I’m Jessie, from Alberta, Canada. As OzKnitter said, I’m not sure if you’re including internationals or not, but thought I’d post anyway. If you are, I’d love a copy of Knitted Gifts, as I want to knit so very many things from that book.

  19. Hello, I’m Alicia from Michigan.
    I would love to win Favorite Socks. I’m currently knitting my first pair of footies (as a gift), but my husband bought me a sock kit for Christmas (he always has such thoughtful gifts)maybe 3 or 4 yrs ago that I was too afraid to try. It’s not as hard as I thought and now I’d like to do many more!
    Thanks for this cool giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Yay! 50,000!

    I’m Virginia from the Bronx. I’d like to win a Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns. Still need a copy of it. And I forgot to put it on my Christmas list.

    Congratulations on all the hits!

  21. Sarah h. from california I would like any sock knitting book of your choice. After your article on toe up socks in interweave knitting magazine ive been hooked on socks!

  22. hi, my name is April and i love The Best of Interweave Knits. i’d love a copy of my own cause i’ve worn the one at the library out. i’m in oklahoma.

  23. Hi, I’m Cary from Alabama. I would love a copy of Favorite Socks. I have knit socks, but only a couple of pairs. This is one of the areas in which I want to practice more, so what would be better than such a beautiful book to inspire and instruct me! Congratulations on 50,000!

  24. Maybe 3rd time will be the charm. I’d be dangerous if I actually followed directions!

    I live in California and would love to have Simple Style because of the classic patterns I would love to make AND because I already own 4 of the others!

  25. Awesome idea~

    I’m not sure when you popped over 50K…I checked last night and you still had about 250 to go, but this AM you’ve surprased 50K! So if it’s not the post on the 19th – and you create a blog post for the 20th, I ‘ll just copy mine over there!

    I’m Amy in Seattle, WA. I love just about everyone of your books and they are on my wishlist. But if I had to choose ne NOW, I’d pick the Knitted Gifts.

  26. Ann,
    Congratulations on reaching 50K blog views. If I were lucky enough to win one of your books, I would like to have {i}Knitting Green[/i]. Thanks for having the drawing.

  27. Hi Anne, this is the elusive Debbie from London, Ontario. Your clicker hit the 50,000 mark, so I’m entering my name again for the Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns. I promise to check this time for the winner.

  28. wow! 50,000!

    I’d love to have a copy of Knitted Gifts. I already have several of your other books on my shelf ๐Ÿ™‚

    — Cate

  29. Hi from April in Oklahoma! I am interested in the Knitters Handy Book of Patterns: Basic Designs. I think it would help me since I especially like to make accessories like hats, scarves, and mitts. Sometimes, I still feel like such a newbie and need all the help I can get even after 6 yrs of knitting.
    (i guess compared to some, 6 yrs is still a newbie)
    anyways, I have enjoyed your other books as well.
    yay for 50,000!!

  30. Knitting Green would be awesome to have! We are building a green, off-grid home in Missouri. There are many ideas for conserving resources that I love to implement every day.
    Terri in Missouri

  31. in NY
    I have several of your books. Love Knitted Gifts: the mitts, the socks, the pillow, the bag. I can think of several deserving recipients – and what fun I would have in the knitting!

  32. So I see today the your counter hit over 50,000. Many congratulations are in order! I love following your blog from here in the lovely state of Virginia, and even though I love all your sock patterns, I already have the Favorite socks book, so I think I like your Knitted Gifts book the best. Thank you again for such wonderful patterns, and lovely giveaways too!


  33. Congratulations on 50,000! I would love to have a copy of Knitter’s Book of Handy Patterns… I’ve recommended it to so many students that it’s about time I owned it myself!

    I’m Deb in New York State.

  34. Congrats on your milestone! I use your handy pattern book for hats and mittens and would love to add the Handy Book of Sweaters to my library. Thank you!

  35. Congrats on your milestone! I would love your Lace style book — I have my eye on a number of the patterns to knit. Thank you (Sorry deleted an earlier comment…duh.) Oh. I’m from NY.

  36. Congratulations on reaching 50,000!!

    I love your books…I use Getting Started Knitting Socks with all of my students, and many have gone on to become as obsessed with socks as I am ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am Terri G from Oregon, and I think the only book of yours I don’t have yet is the Lace Style one. I would love to win a copy of that!

  37. Hi I am JoLynn from Washington, looks like the counter is over 50000, today.
    I would like the “Lace Style” book, because that is one of your books that I don’t have.

  38. Happy 50,000!

    I’m Morwynne from Colorado. If I win, I would love a copy of your Handy Book of Sweater Patterns. I’ve never made a sweater for myself, and I feel like your book would be a great tool to teach me how.

  39. Cate again — remembered to tell you I was hoping for Knitted Gifts, but forgot to give you my state — Maine! Where it is snowing hard for the moment ๐Ÿ™‚ Sure wish I didn’t have to go to work — I’d rather stay home and knit!

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