50,000 Winner

Thank you all for visiting my blog and for your kind words about my books!

I drew a name while waking up with a cup of coffee. Lisa from Mississippi wins a copy of Color Style. Lisa, email your address to me at annbudd@annbuddknits.com and I’ll get it in the mail to you (but maybe not until next week).

Hmmm, I wonder what I’ll do when the clicker hits 100,000…

5 thoughts on “50,000 Winner”

  1. just noticed that most people were leaving their entry comments on the “getting close” post. i do hope that the entries we left on the original “count down” post were included in the drawing. 😀 so bothersome to not know where to post!

    anyways, i do enjoy reading your blog very much. i love your favorite formula (and use it a lot!) too.

    have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Happy Holidays to You ! Ann!
    The UPS man was driving down our street on Xmas eve and I said aloud “Somebody’s getting a present!”…and it was me!

    Happy New Year!

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