Boxleaf Triangle Shawl

Just before I left town last week to teach in Washington State, I finished blocking and photographing the Boxleaf Triangle Shawl (designed by Anne Hanson at; yarn by Briar Rose at The lace wasn’t quite as open as it should be and the edges were sloppy when it came off the needles.

But the pattern blossomed when I threaded blocking wires through the points and stretched out the stitches. Sorry about the non-coordinating towels—I generally like to block on top of a striped towel so that I have a reference for straight lines. In this case, the shawl was too big and I had to forget about the stripes and add a second towel. Still, part of the shawl extended to the bare (read that, dirty) carpet.

The shawl is beautiful. It feels nice around my shoulders and keeps me warm at my desk. But rather than photograph it on me, my friend Connie offered her floor lamp that doubles as a high-fashion model.

What’s next? I’ve got to knit two pairs of socks for two different publications by April 15. Oy!

4 thoughts on “Boxleaf Triangle Shawl”

  1. Gorgeous! I love knitting lace. I think I need to do some more of it soon.

    And I really love how lace looks both before and after blocking. It’s such a neat thing.

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