What I Did Today

Most Satrudays I meet some friends at a local bookstore for a cup of coffee and a couple of hours of knitting. Naturally, we gather in the crafts section of the bookstore where people are less intimidated by a group of middle-aged women with pointy needles. This particular bookstore has a nice section of knitting books, including many that I authored. In a brief moment of shamless self promotion, I rearranged the display shelf to include as many of my titles as possible.

Just to prove that I’m not a hopeless spoiled brat, I put things back before I left.

11 thoughts on “What I Did Today”

  1. Hi, random internet stranger here. Just wanted to say I LOVED this post. Perhaps I am more of a hopeless spoiled brat than you are, but I would have left the books as rearranged. Looks like a great display! <3

  2. My sister used to ask me to play what she called the Book Game in the local Barnes & Noble. I’d run my finger along the knitting book shelves and say, “This one,” each time I got to a title I’d tech edited.

    The last time we were in the book store she told me she the Book Game isn’t fun any more because it takes too long now and interferes with her shopping. This is mostly Ann Budd’s fault because she keeps throwing work my way. Thanks, Ann!

  3. I would have left them…as a way to advise shoppers without being a shameless self-promoter in person. And, actually, I do rearrange shelves to feature books I’d urge other readers to pick up, since I’d liked them.

  4. How fun that would be! And what an awesome way to display your accomplishments out in the “real” world. My lacemaking group meets in a Borders bookstore cafe and people seem to give us a wide berth because they just can’t comprehend what we are doing, even when they get up the nerve to ask.

  5. I love your books so I think you should have left it that way too – would make it easier for a novice knitter to pick the best ones.

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