I Have A Website!

If you had asked me more than a month ago if I’d ever have a website, I’d have given an emphatic “No!” But this just shows what a difference a month can make. At the same time as I posted my first blog in January, I climbed out on the preverbal limb and started working on a website. Well, actually, my genius friend Lori pulled it all together. There, in addition to my blog, you’ll find links to all of my books, projects that I’ve knitted for Interweave Knits or Knitscene that are available for individual purchase at the Interweave Press store, a calendar of workshops I’ll be teaching, and even a free sock pattern!

                                                     Celebrate Spring Socks–Free Pattern

Check it out all out at http://www.annbuddknits.com/.
I think it’s time for a celebration (as I worry that I might saw off that limb)!

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