Loops Amore Shawl

A Whole Lotta Love!

When I was the Knit Doctor at the first-ever retreat sponsored by LoopsLove in Tulsa, Oklahoma, last January, Ross of Dye For Knitting created a colorway in my honor called Loops Loves Ann. I was so touched that I asked Ross to dye a semi-solid to pari with it, which I asked him to name Ann Loves Loops. I combined the two in the brioche shawl shown here, which I’ve called Loops Amore Shawl.

This two-color shallow crescent shawl begins with a 3-stitch garter-stitch tab around which stitches are picked up and worked for a few inches in a garter-stripe pattern. The pattern then shifts to classic two-color brioche rib and ends with the colors reversed for a brioche lace edging.

The shape is achieved by increasing 6 stitches (3 stitches at each end of the needle) every 2 rows in the garter-stripe pattern, then 6 stitches every 8 rows in the brioche rib pattern. I used the Italian method (also known as the K1, P1 Tubular or Invisible Rib method) for a smooth bind-off along the lower slightly scalloped edge.

The reversible shawl has all the squishy appeal of brioche and it stays put on the shoulders.

You can purchase a kit from Loops for just $54.99, which includes the pattern and two skeins of each of the two colors in three possible colorways.

You can also buy the individual Loops Amore Shawl pattern on Ravelry. Use the coupon code LOVE FEST to receive 20% off the Ravelry purchase price between now and midnight Saturday, February 9.