I had the very good fortune to attend the Mason Dixon Knitting Getaway in the hills of Tennessee a couple of weeks ago. We stayed at St. Andrews-Sewanee School, a high-school boarding school that becomes home to the Shakerag Workshops for two weeks every summer. Yes, we stayed in dorms and yes, the accommodations were minimal, but the rest of the retreat more than made up for it.

Against a backdrop of woods and lakes, attendees had the chance to take classes, go for hikes and bike rides, swim, and shop. I took advantage of the warm (but thankfully not too hot) weather and knitted in the shade for hours at a time with delightful knitters from all over the country (and Canada, too!).














I’d be remiss if I didn’t comment on the excellent food. Much of what was served was farm-to-table. Everything was fresh and delicious.

I heard a rumor that the Mason Dixon women may return next year!