A Big Old Sleeve

The nice thing about plane travel is it gives me lots of time to knit, which means that I’m flying along on my Big Old Coat, designed by Joji Locatelli.

I started to get nervous that there may be a chance that I’d run out of yarn if I waited to knit the sleeves until after the entire body was done. I put the body stitches on a holder so I could make sure the sleeves are the proper length. Once they’re done, I can simply work the body as long as I have yarn.

As for the body, I’m alternating two balls of yarn to mitigate any color irregularities between skeins. Don’t be alarmed by the narrow looking sleeve. It will stretch out nicely when I block the sweater.

The only adjustment I made to the sleeve is to use a tubular bind-off for a more invisible ending than the simple knitwise bind-off Joji specifies in the pattern. If you’re unfamiliar with the tubular bind-off  check out this YouTube video.