Friday Night Fun in Vancouver, Washington

I’m over-the-top excited to announce that two of the hottest podcasters in North America, The Grocery Girls (Tracy on the left and Jodi on the right), have accepted an invitation to join my Knit For Fun Retreat in Vancouver, Washington, this fall (September 21 – 24). I can promise you that you’ll enjoy every minute you spend with these smart, witty, energetic, fun-loving, and spontaneous sisters!

In addition to attending classes with the other retreat-ers, Tracy and Jodie host the special Friday night (September 22) event during which they will interview the three teachers–Carson Demers, Lorilee Beltman, and me. Carson has agreed to assess the Grocery Girls on their knitting styles with a special focus on ergonomics and ways to prevent stress and injury as described his new book Knitting Comfortably. It’s bound to be a learning experience for all of us, and a ton of fun, too!

The event, which includes dinner, is included in the retreat registration fee. Click here to secure a seat.