Mitered Triangles: Two Front Panels

I’ve got to say the I’m having a blast knitting Kathryn Alexander’s Mitered Triangles in New Directions in Sock Knitting! Those little triangles are definitely addictive. It didn’t take long for me to finish the Second Front Panel. Below left is a photo of transferring the stitches to a circular needle in preparation for working the garter ridge. Because I worked 12-stitch triangles (instead of the 10 sts called for), I picked up 12 stitches for each triangle (detail shown below right) for a total of 83 stitches (instead of the 69 sts called for).


The two panels are joined with the three-needle bind-off. At bottom is the top of the toe; at top is what will become the cuff, though at this point, it’s still pretty had to see how this is going to turn into a sock! Stay tuned!