Mitered Triangles, Backing Up

When I posted about my progress with Kathryn Alexander’s Mitered Triangles Socks from New Directions in Sock Knitting, a few days ago, I failed to post photos of my early progress. I was so excited to show how these socks were coming along that I forgot to look for the earliest photos of my progress. So bear with me as I start now from the beginning.


The socks are shown in the big image on the front cover. These socks are about as different as a pair of socks can be. They have the familiar sock shape, but without the need for decreases at the toe, turning a heel, knit in the round, and many of the other things “traditional” sock patterns require. These socks are knitted in four panels, each consisting of a number of mitered triangles.



In Kathryn’s usual form, she used 18(!) shades of her handdyed yarn (you can purchase a kit by contacting Kathryn directly) for a riot of color. I chose to use a gradient kit of Done Rovings fingering weight Frolicking Feet yarn. The yarn comes in six colors, which I decided to use randomly.


The yarn specified in the pattern is considerable heavier that what I’m using, so I’m modifying the instructions to 12-stitch triangles instead of the 10-stitch triangles in the pattern. I figure this will add enough width to compensate for what will undoubtedly be smaller stitches. It was a simple matter to cast on 12 stitches instead of 10 and work a total of 21 short-rows until all the stitches were worked.

I’m using US size 2 (2.75 mm) double-pointed needles (Stilettos from Signature Needle Arts).



In the image at right, I’ve completed the first 6 triangles of the First Front Panel. The work can be a little fussy if you turn the work after every short-row, but breezes along if you master the “Knitting Mitered Triangles in Reverse” method shown on page 65. Either way (I’ve used both methods), the short-row pattern is quite addictive! I had finished the First Front Panel and added the picked-up garter edge before I could make myself stop and take another photo!

Stay tuned for more colorful progress!