People Knitting Winner

Thank you for responding to my query about when you were last photographed knitting. I loved reading about when, if ever, you were photographed knitting. I find it curious that so many of us have no photo of us knitting, even though it’s close to a daily activity. But then, I bet not many of us have had photos taken while brushing our teeth! People Knitting illustrates just how interesting a still shot of our passion can be.

The lucky winner of the raffle is Tracy Gilman, who wrote “As far as I know, no one has ever photographed me while knitting. But my husband calls knitting an ancient art form, so I’m sure even he would appreciate this book!”

Congratulations Tracy! As soon as I get your mailing address (I’ll email you separately), I’ll take it to the post office.
Let’s all make a point of having our pictures taken while knitting this holiday season!