French Market Socks–Correction!

Thanks to some alert knitters, an error has been discovered in the French Market Socks in Sock Knitting Master Class.

On page 61, first column, Right Sock, Joining Rnd, 3rd line of paragraph, there is a typo. The first square bracket has the color letters reversed. It should be [k5 with A, k1 with B], not [k5 with B, k1 with A].

Keep in mind that after joining, the pattern will encircle the foot correctly, but in order to flow properly into the established instep patterns, the round will no longer start with Stitch 1 of the chart for either sock. For the right sock it will begin with Stitch 4 and end with Stitch 3 of the original 6-st chart; and for the left sock it will begin with Stitch 3 and end with Stitch 2.

Now, I don’t know why I didn’t notice this myself when I knitted the right sock. I remember stumbling a bit on the joining round but I must have thought that I misread the instructions and didn’t pause to look at it carefully. It takes a village.