Named for the Nordic god of winter/skiing (among other things), this saddle-shoulder pullover features panels of interlacing cables separated by wide ribs accented with small 1/1 cable twists. The sweater is worked in one piece from the top down, beginning with the cabled saddles at the shoulders. The cables are extended along the sleeves to the cuffs and repeated on each side of the front and back. The 1/1 cable twists are incorporated into the ribbing at the hem, cuffs, and neckband.

The yarn is a super-soft organic Merino that appears rugged but is actually quite soft against the skin.

The sweater begins with the shoulder saddles from which stitches are picked up for the back, and then the upper back is worked down to the armholes. Stitches are picked up along the other side of the saddles for the fronts, which are worked separately down on each side of the neck opening, then joined at the base of the neck for working in one piece to the base of the armholes. At the underarms, the front and back are joined, and the lower body is worked in one piece to the lower edge.

The sleeve caps begin with stitches picked up around the armholes and are shaped with short-rows, then the sleeves are worked in rounds and tapered to the cuffs.

The selvedge stitches are knit every row along the armholes of the upper back and front to create garter-stitch edges that facilitate picking up stitches for the sleeves later.