Loops Amore Shawl

Loops Amore Shawl

When I was the Knit Doctor at the first-ever Loops retreat in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Ross of Dye For Knitting created a colorway called Loops Loves Ann. I was so touched that I asked Ross to dye a semi-solid teal to pair with it, which is aptly named Ann Loves Loops.

This shallow crescent shawl begin with a 3-stitch tab around which stitches are picked up and worked in a parter-stripe pattern, which is followed by a classic two-color brioche rib, and ends with the colors reversed for the brioche leaf edging.

The shape is achieved by increasing 6 stitches (3 stitches at each end of the needle) every 2 rows in the garter-stripe pattern, and 6 stitches every 8 rows in the brioche rib pattern.

The Italian method (also known as K1, P1 Tubular method) is used for the smooth bind-off.

$8.00 USD