Sweet details including a slightly gathered empire waist, slip-stitch texture, and eyelet edgings give cherubic appeal to this top-down, seamless, set-in sleeve pullover.

The upper body and sleeves are worked in a simple slip-stitch pattern, then the lower body and collar worked in stockinette stitch. The transition between the upper and lower body is accented with an overlaid garter eyelet band that’s picked up from the bumps of a purled marker round at the underarms.

The eyelet edging is repeated along the lower body and collar. The sleeves are finished with k1, p1 ribbing.

The sweater is sized for approximately 3-6 months (6-9 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years). The sweater shown is the 1-year size.

The upper back is worked in rows down to the underarms. The upper fronts are picked up from the back shoulders and worked separately in rows to the base of the neck, then joined for working in one piece in rows to the underarms. The upper back and front are then joined for working the lower body in one piece to the lower edge. A purl round provides a foundation for the garter-eyelet band that’s worked at the end, then stitches are increased to provide slight gathers in in the body.

Stitches for each sleeve are picked up around the armhole, the sleeve cap is worked back and forth in short-rows, then the lower sleeve is worked in rounds to the cuff.

Selvedge stitches are knitted every row along the armholes of the upper back and fronts to create garter-stitch selvedges that facilitate picking up stitches along the edges later.