Fading Memories Socks

Fading Memories Socks

These gradient socks were designed for the 2021 Longest Day event sponsored by Alzheimer’s Associations (alz.org)–an annual fundraiser that takes place on the summer solstice. This event is important to me as my mother, as well as several friends have been afflicted with the disease.

For every pattern sold, $5 will be donated to Alzheimer’s research.

The yarn used here is a special gradient set based on the colors in The Longest Day logo and represents the fading memories of those suffering Alzheimer’s. The stitch pattern is a combination of alternating closely spaced cables and a “wandering” eyelet pattern that represents the mental confusion of fading memories. On the knitter’s part, the pattern requires a bit of concentration that keeps the mind alert.

Worked from the top down, these socks begin with the Twisted German (also called Old Norwegian) cast-on and end with the Kitchener stitch. A flap-and-gusset heel provides a comfortable fit, especially for feet with high insteps. To create a slight flare that accommodates the calf muscle, one size larger needles are used for the cast-on and upper leg.

The stitch pattern is presented in both written and charted format.