Sweater Seaming

Sweater Seaming

Because they’re not comfortable sewing seams, many knitters only knit seamless sweaters from the top down. What many don’t realize is that seams can be a sweater’s best friend. They provide stability against stretching (especially across the shoulders and back neck) and they help encourage the body to hang straight. In this class, you’ll learn the three basic seams used for joining sweater pieces—back, front(s), and sleeves. You’ll learn the Invisible Horizontal Seam (for shoulders), the Invisible Vertical Seam (for side and sleeve seams), and the Vertical to Horizontal Seam (for sleeve caps).

An illustrated handout will be provided.


Must be comfortable knitting, purling, increasing, decreasing, and following row-by-row instructions. Homework is required.

Online: 1 hour

In-person: 3 hours