Provisional Cast-Ons

Provisional Cast-Ons

A provisional cast-on (typically worked with waste yarn) forms a secure base that can be removed to expose live stitches that can be worked later in the opposite direction. It is a good choice when you’re unsure of how you want to finish the edge of a project—you can come back later and work the edging after the body is complete. This type of cast-on also allows two sides of a piece, such as a scarf, to be worked from the center out, so that the stitches on both ends face in the same direction.

In this workshop, you’ll learn three (four if there’s time) methods for casting on stitches that will later be worked in the opposite direction.

An illustrated handout of the various techniques will be provided.


Must be comfortable knitting.

Online: 1 hour

In-person: 3 hours