examples of kitchener stitch on different samples

Conquering Many Forms of Kitchener Stitch

Are you intimidated by the Kitchener stitch? Meet it head on and overcome your fears of this too-often dreaded stitch, whether it’s used on stockinette stitch, reverse stockinette stitch, garter stitch, ribbing, or even the tubular bind-off. In this one-hour seminar, Ann will demystify the mechanics of this excellent finishing stitch and present a simple way to remember the sequence of steps that produce a perfect finish for toes of socks, tips of mittens, hems of hats and sweaters, and a “seamless” way to join two sets of live stitches.

An illustrated handout will be provided.


Must be comfortable knitting and purling. Homework is required.

Online: 1 hour

In-person: 3 hours