Asymmetrical Cables–Making Progress

I’m making good progress on Cookie A’s Asymmetrical Cables in Sock Knitting Master Class
I have made a few changes and came up with a few tips so far that might help you if you decide to knit these socks for yourself (and I heartily encourage you to do so).
  • The finished sizes are for 8″ or 9″ foot circumference but my foot measures 8 1/2″. So, I added 4 stitches (the gauge is 8 sts/inch) and cast on 68 sts instead of 64. This adds a full repeat of the k2, p2 rib and the extra sts will be worked in stockinette so they won’t interfere with the cable pattern. I worked the Inc rnd at the beginning of the cable pattern as: k1, p6, k1fbf, p6, k38 (instead of 34), p6, k1fbf, k1, p6, k1 to end up with 72 sts for the leg.
  • I used the Old Norwegian cast-on to ensure a stretchy edge. 
  • To make the upper leg a little bigger to accommodate my calf muscle (well, there’s not much muscle, but there is a bulge), I cast on and knitted with needles one size larger than needed to get the specified gauge. For this yarn, I got the correct gauge with size 2 (2.75 mm) needles so I started with size 3 needles for the top half of the leg. The photo above shows where I’ll change to the “real” needles. 
  • At first I didn’t notice the difference between the Left Cable Panel and the Right Cable Panel. They are the same except for the direction of the cable twist on the first row, so as long as you get the first row right (which I didn’t the first time), you can read your knitting to know which way to turn subsequent cables.
  • Another thing I noticed after a few rounds is that garter st is worked inside the cable medallions. If you remember that these center sts are knitted on the rounds that involve cable turns, it will be easy to remember when to knit and when to purl them. 
  • I rarely use a row counter. I kept track of the number of rows worked even in the center of the medallions by counting the purl ridges. There will be 4 garter ridges between Rnd 5 and Rnd 13 of the cable panels.

7 thoughts on “Asymmetrical Cables–Making Progress”

  1. I love love love that pattern. Love it. I was very excited to see it in this book.

    Aaaaaaand, now that I’m through moving, and almost everything is put away, I might actually end my book buying moratorium with this one.

    Also, how are you parents doing? I’ve been thinking about you/them.

  2. Love them! I’m going to cast on for these next week. Is there a chart available? One of the few in the book without a chart…was this an oversight?

  3. I’m lost. I have done the first 3 rows after the cuff and if rnd1 decreases by 2 sts each cable and now rnd 3 by 4 sts each cable how do I keep the pattern going across 16 sts. Where is the increase rows? Do I do the Inc Rnd mentioned above in the directions?

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